Data Management

The key to excellent data management is flexibility. We respond to smartly and straight forward to void influences on timelines. This ability is the true mark of a valuable CRO partner —but Inamed surpasses that basic function by applying strong cost-effective measures, quality assurances, and therapeutic and regulatory expertise.

Data are the results of any clinical investigation and therefore the greatest good. Inamed’s philosophy is not to separate data management from the study team, but involve the data management department already in the proposal process. We believe integration from the start is the ideal way to efficiently clean and organize data.

Work with us for full-trial build, or select from our suite of Data Management Services:

  • Case report form (CRF) design, electronic or paper
  • Database set-up and validation
  • Electronic data capture (EDC) systems implementation and training
  • Double data entry for paper CRF–based studies
  • In-depth, thorough quality assessments: checking for errors or trends and querying data through final database lock
  • Validation of all system components throughout the study period as modifications are introduced
  • Adherence to benchmarks set by SCDM and CDISC.

Use of familiar systems improves efficiency because it frees sites to focus on the protocol requirements rather than technology.

Inamed works with a variety of clinical database systems in order to provide its clients with solutions adhering to all relevant standards, such as CDISC certification, and EMA/FDA requirements, to maximize the advantages of an end-to-end application using CDISC XML standards.