Project Management

Strategic project management is the key to the success of your clinical trial. As studies become more and more complex, the importance of effective project management has come to the fore. Inamed has implemented a system in which a senior clinical representative oversees the bidding progress of studies being conducted. Our clients benefit greatly from this process as the given interpretation of the synopsis is realistic and the timelines feasible. We try to have the same project manager also be the involved in the conduct of the trial to really have one face to the costumer. So we can guarantee clients that their project is being conducted with the highest standards of working practice while an experienced clinical operations team is driving activities forward.

Handpicked Teams

Teams tailored to your specific study requirements

Handpicked Teams

At Inamed, we have gained our project management expertise by conducting complex studies mainly in respiratory therapeutic areas and studies across Europe and North America. Whe setting up a clinical trial, the project management team is carefully chosen with the client’s needs in mind depending on required locations, therapeutic areas, experience in the specific trial phase, local language and regulatory knowledge.

High Standards

Inamed’s project management team together with its partners adheres to the highest standards of operational excellence and established industry best practices’ to ensure high quality results on-time. We manage our studies proactively, informing our clients of any issues that may arise well in advance. With SOPs valid for all parties involved and designed to ensure smooth communication, collaboration and project ownership, you can see why our clients come back to us for extra services and repeat business.

High Quality

Working under the same quality standards globally

Whenever you need us

Stable teams guarantee a stable sutdy conduct

There when you need us

Our teams have worked across international timelines and reporting systems. We ensure that we are there for our clients, providing all the relevant information to the sponsor exactly when it is needed. With a turn over rate of less than 5% over the last five years Inamed provides a stable team in all study relevant departments, during the entire course of the project.