Respiratory Early Phase Trials

Already in early phase clinical trials our sponsors benefit from Inamed’s inhalation specialty focus, which is underscored by a wealth of experience in inhalation studies and our exceptional team of scientific, engineering, and medical experts all under the same roof.

Our interdisciplinary collaboration between in-vitro experts and clinical scientists has synergistic effects leading to the optimal design and performance of the study, which results in higher quality data, i.e. less variability and fewer queries.

Inamed’s respiratory and inhalation specialists allow our sponsors to conduct respiratory trials with the ideal patient sample size for delivering early efficacy data. This cross-functional team of experts also provides comprehensive data interpretation to enhance the utility of the study results.


Inamed’s Clinical Unit combines premium comfort for our subjects with maximum functionality for the professional conduct of your clinical trials.



Inamed is known for its respiratory expertise, which goes far beyond just conducting clinical studies in patients with respiratory indications.



Based on parameters drawn up in study protocol, Inamed is prepared to select the most suitable strategy, to establish smooth subject recruitment.